The First - Savannah to Miami - 540 Miles

On November 28, 2016, The Bladress took off with bare minimum of belongings and no money for a 540-mile one-woman journey – rollerblading from Savannah, GA to Miami, FL. Pure faith took her a long way. Relying only on the kindness of the people she met along the way, The Bladress made it to the finish point with a wealth of stories to recount.

“Once you’re on the road and you’ve made it the first day, you just felt like there’s nothing you can’t do. If there are some obstacles coming up ahead, then it’d just be another challenge…and that mentality becomes the way you live and think,” said The Bladress.

A Halloween Costumes made by 300 random passerby

Running out of Halloween costume idea this year, the Bladress blindfolded herself in downtown Vancouver for hours with a sign written “I ran out of costume idea this year, would you dress me up?”; she trustingly welcomed and allowed any passerby to decorate her using the scrap and mostly recyclable material. Not only is this project a cheery entertainment for the public to maximize their creativity, it is also a manifestation of TRUST and LOVE.

Watch the video now, to see my final Halloween costume, made by strangers: