The “Bladress”

The Bladress is an equivalence of Yanise Ho, a 22-year-old girl from Hong Kong, who is undertaking a one-woman rollerblading expedition across Europe, covering grounds of 11,000km to empower women and young girls. Upon completion of the journey that begins in March 2018, she will be officially crowned as The Bladress setting the Guinness World Record of the “Longest Journey on Inline Skates”.

Yanise was born and raised in Hong Kong, went to high school in Italy when she was 16, attended college in the United States, worked in Dominican Republic, and founded The Bladress LLC in New York. She is constantly on the move for new adventures!

-September 2016- Completed 42km Northshore Inline Skates Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota
-November 2016- Inline Skated 540 miles starting from Savannah, GA, to Miami, FL without any money

-May 2017 - Inline Skating 500 miles from San Fransisco to Los Angeles, to raise funds to build a school in Malawi
-March 2018 - Inline Skating 11,000km across Europe through 16 countries to raise fund to
build 16 schools in underdeveloped countries with BuildOn while successfully setting The Guinness World Record of “The Longest Journey on Inline Skates”